Benedictine Spirituality

Learning to structure ordinary life in reference to Christ

The vision of Benedictine Spirituality is a sustainable, long-term pattern of life that prioritizes worship and prayer interwoven with rest, work, study and recreation. This is not the spiritual equivalent of a diet. It is about building a way of life alongside others doing the same. You don’t need to leave your job, travel, or stop your social life. This is intended to be done in the midst of “ordinary life”.


Underlying The Benedict Immersion is the wisdom of St. Benedict and the millions of Christians who have followed his pathway for knowing and loving God over the past 1500 years. These faithful Christians have much to teach us about the proper balance and priority of prayer and work and how our spiritual lives are best formed. Benedict intended his model of spiritual formation as a way for ordinary people, not merely monks and nuns, to know and love God and be shaped into the image of Christ.

What will we actually be doing?

In this experience, participants will establish a “keystone habit” (a strategic, high-leverage habit). The research on habits has shown that when a person establishes a keystone habit, it has disproportionate impact on the rest of his or her life. The effects cascade into other areas of life. To be precise, the habit we’re after is the practice of structured prayer and worship offered to God three times a day. While this could sound rigid or a bit intimidating, you should be aware that there is flexibility built into the experience depending on life-season and calling.

Who is this designed for? Who should participate?

The Benedict Immersion isn’t intended for superheroes; it’s for ordinary people with jobs and a social life and even parents with small children. This is a powerful experience for anyone who wants to grow as a follower of Christ. There are no “pre-requisites”. You don’t need to be baptized or already committed as a Christian for this experience to be life-transforming.

Basic Requirements:

  • A desire to be a disciple of Jesus who learns how to live all of life in reference to God
  • A willingness to trust the Benedict process, put real effort into this experience and be an encourager for others
  • A commitment to complete the forty day experience, do the assigned readings (about 30 minutes a week), and attend the gatherings as an active participant
    • Saturday Launch | Retreat
      • Lunch is provided
    • Weekly gatherings (approx. 2 hours including communal, potluck dinner)
      • Time and place TBD

Cost: $60 per person [covers all materials and the launch event]. Scholarships are available upon request.

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