Bodies Matter

Current Series: Bodies Matter – The Body in Reference to Christ


When God became incarnate in Jesus Christ and took on a human body He forever established the importance of body. This was only further reinforced when Jesus was resurrected in a body, a body the gospels tell us was even capable of eating. Easter tells us that bodies matter. And then to cap this off, the material body took on an eternal dimension when Jesus bodily ascended to the Father – forever taking our human flesh into the experience of the Trinity. All of this tells us that bodies matter!

This series explores what the body is, why it matters, and how to understand the body in reference to Christ.

Session 1: Intro

Session 2: Food

Session 3: Model & Maker

Session 4: The Pattern- Faithful Suffering

Session 5: Master

Session 6: Sexuality part 1

Session 7: Sexuality part 2

Session 8: Sexuality part 3

Sexuality Q & A

Session 9: Trauma

Session 10: Disability

Session 11: Death

Session 12: Technology Part 1

Session 13: Bodies Matter: Technology Part 2

Session 14: Bodies Matter: Technology Part 3- Social Media & The Body

Session 15: Ascetical Theology and Fasting Part 1

Session 16:  Ascetical Theology and Fasting Part 2

Session 17: Bodies Matter- Wrap up

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