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Current Series:

The Deep End

Chapter 5: June 16, 2019

Chapter 4: June 9, 2019

Part 1: May 19, 2019

Introduction: May 12, 2019

Previous Series: Virtues and Vices

Part IX: Wrap-up

Part XIII: Anger

Part XII: Avarice

Part XI: Sloth

Part X: Envy

Part IX: Lust 

Part VIII: Gluttony

Part VII: Vainglory

Part VI: Pride – The Root of All Sin

Part V: Seven Deadly Sins

Part IV: The Four Theological Virtues

Part III: The Cardinal Virtues

Part II: What Is Virtue?

Part I: Theosis

The Spirit of Anglicanism

Part I: History of Christianity in the British Isles

Part IV: Anglican Polity and the Charismatic Flavor

Previous Series:

The Whole Story

Week 1:Introduction 

Week 2: Genesis 1-3 

Week 3: Genesis 1-11

Week 4: Covenant

Week 5: Exodus 1-18

Week 6: Exodus Part 2 and Pentateuch

Week 7:Holiness, Purity, Sacrifice, and Tabernacle

Week 8: Joshua and Judges

Week 9: Judges and Ruth

Week 10: 1 & 2 Samuel

Week 11: Psalms

Week 12: Wisdom Literature 

Week 13: Song of Solomon and Prophets Intro

Week 14: History of Israel up until the Prophets 

Week 15: Prophets Pt. 1 – The Day of the Lord


Week 16: Prophets Pt. 2 – Justice and Righteousness


Week 17: Prophets Pt. 3 – Idolatry and Covenant Faithfulness


Week 18: Exile

Week 19: Return from Exile

Week 20: Deuterocanonical Era

Week 21: Apocryphal Literature

Week 22: Introducing Jesus

Week 23: Parables – Kingdom

Week 24: Parables – Grace and Judgment

Week 25: The Death of Jesus

Week 26: The Resurrection of Jesus

The Whole Story: The Ascension and Pentecost

The Whole Story: Jews and Gentiles pt. 1

The Whole Story: OT | NT Wrap-up

Christian Foundations

Part A: What do Christian’s believe?

Week 1: “What is The Gospel?”

Week 2: “How is the Christian faith defined?”

Week 3: “What is the nature of God?”

Week 4: “What is Prayer?”

Week 5: “What is Liturgical Prayer?”


Lent 2018

Sacraments of Initiation

Part 1- Baptism

Part 2.1- Confirmation

Part 2.2- Confirmation

Part 3- Eucharist

Living in Christian Time

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Healed Unto Communion

Healed unto Communion

Work in Reference to Christ

This series explores what it means to be be the Body of Christ Monday through Saturday.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4


Bodies Matter

This series explores what the body is, why it matters, and how to understand the body in reference to Christ.

Session 1: Intro

Session 2: Food

Session 3: Model & Maker

Session 4: The Pattern- Faithful Suffering

Session 5: Master

Session 6: Sexuality part 1

Session 7: Sexuality part 2

Session 8: Sexuality part 3

Sexuality Q & A

Session 9: Trauma

Session 10: Disability

Session 11: Death

Session 12: Technology Part 1

Session 13: Bodies Matter: Technology Part 2

Session 14: Bodies Matter: Technology Part 3- Social Media & The Body

Session 15: Ascetical Theology and Fasting Part 1

Session 16:  Ascetical Theology and Fasting Part 2


Tour of the Liturgy – Special

Tour of the Liturgy

History of Catechesis – Special

The History of Catechesis with guest Alex Fogleman

Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.