Eucharist Kids Resources

Eucharist Church is committed to providing our Children & Families with resources for worship and spiritual formation at home. Especially during this year where we are so much at home, we want to be sure to equip our Families with engaging activities and truth-filled content.

Eucharist Kids Videos

Each video is designed to engage your child in a song, a Bible lesson, a liturgical element, and an activity. We hope that these videos are fun and engaging for your family and that seeing our Staff and Children’s Ministry volunteers via video is an encouragement!

**in Episode 2 we play a matching game at the end of the video. Here is the template for the matching game if you would like to print it out and play it at home!




Weekly Kids’ Bulletins

Each week in our newsletter¬†(click here to sign up for our newsletter) we send out that week’s Kids’ Bulletin. These bulletins follow the lectionary texts and provide a variety of fun and engaging activities. We encourage you to print out a bulletin each week for your child(ren) to engage with during Sunday services.

Other Resources


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