Eucharist Village 1Eucharist Village is…

…a four day festival celebrating the goodness of God in the midst of His creation.

Campfire groupThis is an opportunity to slow down, intentionally attune ourselves to God, and capture a deeper sense of what true Christian Communion as the Body of Christ looks and feels like—deep conversations, joy and laughter, delicious food, recreation, leisure, and intentional time for prayer and reflection.

Festivals have long played an essential role in shaping the people of God. Going back to ancient Israel, God commanded the people to travel long distances to join together for festivals THREE times a year. This entailed a lot of effort, but also produced a lot of joy and cultivated a thick sense of belonging and identity. The festival included a lot of time for fellowship, conversation, and leisure while simultaneously recalibrating the entire community to live in reference to God. Though our festival is not mandated by God in any way, it is inspired by the model of ancient Israel and the power of pilgrimage (many Christian examples exist) in order to shape us more deeply into Christ.

Who is invited? Eucharist Church and friends (we have an application process for those who are not regular participants in our church life).

If you’re curious and want more information, please email Fr. Ryan ( 

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Fellowship, Spiritual Formation, Creation…

john-salzarulo-41135Get ready for a unique formational experience. We’re going to be camping (yes, tents and sleeping bags) for four days as we experience life together as a kind of village in reference to Christ. This isn’t just a weekend away. We’ll be structuring our “village” around some shared commitments…


– shared communal rhythms of worship & prayer (morning, noon, evening).
– shared duties: cooking, cleaning, fire-making, helping with the kids, etc.
– fellowship  (conversation, hiking, games, activities together, etc.) as well as solitude and silence.
– spiritual formation rhythms of learning, practice, and reflection.
– a digital technology fast for the four days (emergencies excepted).

Ultimately, our hope and prayer is that we will be shaped and formed more deeply into Christ and as people who truly love each other by engaging this experience together.

The Essential Details

: Wednesday, July 26 (afternoon / evening) through Sunday noon, July 30, 2017

NOTE: You MUST commit to arrive by no later than Thursday morning and stay through Sunday noon in order to participate in this event. It will spoil the experience to have people coming and going at various times. We know this means you’ll have to take off work. It’ll be worth it!

Location: Sugar Pine Reservoir: Giant Gap Campground – near Auburn, California (in the Sierra Nevada mountains at about 3600 feet elevation). It is approximately 3 hours drive from San Francisco.

sugarpine res 1We have reserved five campsites (enough for 30 people total) in a campground that is next to a lake perfect for hiking, swimming, canoeing, or just leisurely resting besides. You can drive your car to the campsite (no hiking necessary). There is electricity in the campground, but not at our campsites. Plan to leave the iPad and laptop at home. There is drinking water and restroom facilities (glorified outhouses) in the campground. But, no, there are no showers – that’s what the lake is for! The temperature will be warm in the daytime and crisp/cool at night. It’s a great place for kids and those who may not typically go camping

Cost*: includes all food, cost of campground, T-shirt, and spiritual formation materials**

– Regular price Adult (age 18 and up) = $150 (registration open until July 21)
– Full Time Student Rate = $85
– Children age 4-12 = $45
– Children 3 or under = free

autumn-mott-98514* We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity for lack of funds. Please talk to Fr. Ryan about scholarship assistance if that would help. 

** Cost does not include camping gear or drinks (other than water and juice). You’ll need to rent, borrow, or buy a sleeping bag, pad, and tent. Ask around… it’s likely someone you know has this gear and would loan it to you. 


canoeWhat does a day in the life of Eucharist Village look like? It includes kids and adults; it fosters joy and connection, but honors the needs for individual space. Roughly speaking, it looks like mornings engaging in Spiritual Formation and afternoons and evenings focused on fellowship and whatever adventure you have in mind.

A sample day at Eucharist Village…
– Breakfast | Morning Prayer | Worship (kids and adults together)
– Spiritual Formation Instruction (kids have their own special activity)
– Solitude (kids have a special activity)
campfire 1– Reflection Small Groups
– Midday prayer | Lunch
– Afternoon = Leisure: hiking, relaxing, fishing, swimming, games, napping, reading, etc. (whatever you want)
– Evening prayer | Dinner
– Campfire
– Games


Our vision at Eucharist Church is to live all of life in reference to Christ. This is a communal vision – meaning it takes a village inspired/indwelled by the Holy Spirit to enact it. But in many ways our imagination about Christian life together has been malnourished by the constant intensity that characterizes the busy, noisy, tech-driven, self-focused, fast-moving culture of the Bay Area. Our lives often leave us hungering for something deeper and simpler, life in a village of sorts… a place characterized by the joy of knowing and being known.

luke-michael-27050But where do we start? We hope to jumpstart our imagination for life here in the City by starting with something simpler… an experience where you enter into a rhythm of shared life—eating, praying, worshiping, learning, recreation, leisure, campfires, storytelling, games, etc.—together, all in reference to Christ! The vision is for us to repeat this experience, deepen it, and include more and more people in it over the coming years. We hope that it will be used by God to cultivate us into a distinctive people who can act as ambassadors of the Kingdom of God in the midst of San Francisco. To be an ambassador, you must be steeped in the culture you want to represent and extend. Eucharist Village is an opportunity to dive in head-first.


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Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.