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A Gathering Focused on Race and Ethnicity

Recent events have revealed a depth of racial injustice in our society, inflicting personal pain for many and creating a wider social unrest in our country. As Christians, who proclaim Jesus is Lord, racism, in all its explicit and implicit forms, is an affront to the Kingdom. Jesus has called his church to become a people and place where the power of his reconciling work is displayed through our shared life of discipleship, bringing people from all ethnicities together as a new community under Christ. This is no easy task. We cannot look beyond the racism in the air we breathe. We cannot look beyond our various races and ethnicities we possess as image bearers. We need God to redeem our various ethnic stories in order to steward these God-given differences together.

To help us along this journey, we invite all who are able to participate in our first gathering on Friday, June 19th from 8-9:30PM via Zoom. We will be using Sarah Shin’s book Beyond Colorblind to help structure our conversations and deepen our understanding of race and ethnicity in relation to Christ and his kingdom. You can find her book here. If you are able, please read as much of Part 1 (Ch 1-5) as you are able before the meeting. Ultimately, we hope these gatherings spur our discipleship and strengthen our unity as a church. Please contact Fr. Jon Yeager if you have any questions.


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Each morning (Monday – Saturday) at 8:00am we offer a Zoom version of Morning Prayer led by various people within the Eucharist Church community. All are encouraged to join in for a 20-25 minute time of prayer, scripture reading, and fellowship. You can find the link to join on our website calendar.

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