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Eucharist Church is hosting a two-part dialogue to examine questions about the relationship between
religious faith and physics. How should these two areas of inquiry, which were once considered to be closely related, interact in contemporary thought? Do they offer conflicting or complimentary descriptions of the universe? Are there ways in which they are consonant?
Join us to hear some big ideas and share your own questions and perspectives in friendly dialogue!
These two (FREE) evenings will include:
– Delicious snacks and drinks
– Conversation – kickstarted with a dialog with a physics professor and an Anglican pastor
– Q&A and time for open dialogue in groups of 8-10
– Free parking!

Tuesday, August 20st & 27th @ 7:30-9pm in the Eucharist Church Office (second floor of church location)

Dr. Mark Wimbush is an Emeritus Professor of Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island. He has his masters in physics from Oxford University and his Ph.D. in physical oceanography from UCSD. In his research as an oceanographer, Mark studies the physics of western boundary currents, tides, waves, and turbulence. Mark has also led a long-running group for scientists interested in the science of chaos.
Rev. Jeffrey Still is the cofounder of Science And Faith Examined, which hosts collegial conversations on topics of faith and science at Caltech. In both formal and informal study, Jeffrey has spent many years investigating the relationship between physics and theology – as well as examining the creation accounts of Genesis in their ancient context. You may have met Jeff and his wife Christina and their son Emmett.


Eucharist is partnering with our missionaries, Ihab and Rika Sourial, to bring a liturgical, eucharistic worship service on Saturdays, Sept 7, October 5, and November 2, to YWAM San Francisco (357 Ellis St) in the Tenderloin district. The slightly abbreviated service will go from 11am – noon; a shared fellowship lunch will follow.

We need volunteers to come join us in worship, as well as to help with setup, worship, to pray, to serve lunch, and to fellowship with those who will be coming. We also gathering clothing donations with which we hope to bless those who are in need.

Our biggest need is to have volunteers join us. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, please contact our Curate, Drew Yamamoto at drew@eucharistsf.org.

If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact Ihab or Rika at ihabshk@yahoo.com or chomp1234@gmail.com



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