Upcoming Events

On the feast of Epiphany or in the weeks that immediately follow we are all invited to bless our homes and to re-sanctify them as a place for Christ. A part of church history is the custom of blessing homes at this time. Historically a family would hold a short service of prayer to ask God’s blessing over their dwelling and on all who live, work with, and visit them.

In previous years, we have been able to offer full house blessings, with one of our priests entering the home to bless each room. This year, in order to honor everyone’s health and safety, we are offering a few different options for house blessings. You can view this House Blessing Liturgy here in order to pray through the liturgy on your own and/or with those whom you live with. We will be blessing some chalk in our service this coming Sunday, January 10, and you may come to pick up the blessed chalk during the Holy Communion time slots. If you would like one of our priests to come to your home and bless the outside of it, please contact Fr. Ryan or Fr. Jon directly to arrange a time for this.


Morning Prayer

Each morning (Monday – Saturday) at 8:00am we offer a Zoom version of Morning Prayer led by various people within the Eucharist Church community. All are encouraged to join in for a 20-25 minute time of prayer, scripture reading, and fellowship. You can find the link to join on our website calendar.

Eucharist Church Calendar

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