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Angel Island Excursion

All are invited to join us for a fun day trip to Angel Island,
Saturday, August 20th! 

We plan to take the first ferry to the Island, which departs from the Tiburon ferry terminal at 10:00am and from The SF Ferry Terminal at 9:2o AM.

Advanced reservations are recommended if available. Tickets may be purchased online or in-person for Tiburon Departures; advanced tickets are not available from SF, so be sure to arrive early to purchase (remember to buy two one-way tickets, as tickets cannot be purchased from Angel Island). It is recommended that you arrive at the terminal 30 minutes early. Please also account for traffic and parking.

  • Plan to pack or purchase your lunch and snacks for the day! Other ideas of items to bring include sunscreen, frisbees, games, hiking gear, water bottles, hats, picnic blankets, etc.
  • We’ll plan to meet at the Ayala Cove Picnic Area (“Hill,” Daily Use C – you may need to ask park staff to direct you where to go).  Check out a map of the Island here.
  • After our group arrives on the Island around 10:15am, we will convene at our picnic site and do Morning Prayer together. Remember to bring along your Eucharist Breviary! The rest of the day’s agenda will include optional hikes/walks, games, lounging and hanging out, lunch, and Mid-Day Prayer. After lunch you may take any afternoon ferry back to Tiburon/SF.

Please email Deacon John with any questions about our Angel Island Excursion. 


Fall Retreat

Save the date! 

Our All Church Fall Retreat is happening, November 11-13, 2022.


Morning Prayer

Monday – Friday mornings at 8:00am we offer a Zoom version of Morning Prayer led by various people within the Eucharist Church community. All are encouraged to join in for a 20-25 minute time of prayer, scripture reading, and fellowship. You can find the link to join on our website calendar.


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