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We are currently receiving applications and resumes for the following roles. Please see our general information about expectations of employees at Eucharist Church. Also, please check out our leadership / staff culture document.

To apply for any of the positions below, use our job application page and email your resume to

Ordained Staff Roles

Internship | Curate (ordination track)

This role is designed for those working toward ordination or for people interested in experiencing ministry in an urban, post-Christian context who would like to come join our team for a 1-2 year period.

Compensation: Interns will need to fundraise their salary and/or be bi-vocational.

To inquire about an internship or to explore possibilities, email

Non-Ordained Staff Roles

Internship (non-ordination track)

This role is for persons who would like to invest themselves in developing some aspect of the mission and ministry of Eucharist Church, but who are not pursuing ordination. Focus of responsibilities could include any of the following areas: Worship Arts; Media/Design; Evangelism; Justice/Community Outreach; Administration; Youth/Children’s Ministry; Business/Christian Mission;

Compensation: In most cases, interns will need to fundraise their salary and/or be bivocational.

mpho-mojapelo-127562-unsplashTeam Dynamics: What We’re Looking For…

Character: A ministry team, by definition, must operate with a lot of trust; character is the foundation of trustworthiness. We expect each other to operate with Christ-like maturity and to be quick to make things right when things go off the rails. While it’s true that we’re all in process in many ways, we expect a foundation of humility, honesty, and unselfishness from each other.

Competence: We aren’t just looking for “good-hearted” people. If we’re compensating a position, it’s because we need particular skill sets in order to catalyze the health and growth of the entire church. We’re not interested in creating a performance culture which often carries toxicity, but we do expect excellence.

Chemistry: It’s not enough to be a “good person” and competent. Teams that produce great fruit are ones that have people who complement and round out each other. They’re teams that flow together and understand each other. They operate with a shared imagination, a sense of intuition (which is not a substitute for a lot of really good communication). It’s not enough to just like working together; we need to be headed the same direction. If you’re interested in a job at Eucharist Church, please spend a sufficient amount of time looking over this website so you can know if we’re a good fit for you. 

Commitment: Ministry in San Francisco is quite an experience—there’s a challenge factor that can make it rewarding, but make no mistake, it’s difficult and frustrating on many occasions. It’s expensive, it’s hard soil, spiritually speaking, and it’s relationally frustrating at times when large portions of the city turn over due to transiency. For a team to be healthy, we need a measure of continuity and perseverance. We’re not asking for the rest of your life, just a healthy sense of expectations and good communication. We realize that Christ calls us; our job is to obey.

Camaraderie: Last, but not least, we are looking for comrades. Ministry is exponentially more sustainable and enjoyable when everyone knows that “we’re in it together.” We celebrate and grieve together. We experience the trenches together. We laugh and enjoy ourselves because we like each other.

Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.