Growing in the grace of generosity

At Eucharist, we’re committed to growing in the grace of generosity. The God we encounter in Jesus is a God of abundance. In the Gospels we repeatedly find Him multiplying resources – bread, wine, fish, and more. Our joy is to learn how to trust Him as He guides us into generosity. 

Each year our congregation is invited and challenged to give additional financial gifts toward the Abundance Offering during three particular seasons of the liturgical calendar that naturally lend themselves to this focus: Advent, Lent, and Pentecost.

As a church, Eucharist desires to ever-increasingly embody the heart of God for the world He loves – a world He is actively working to redeem. 

To this end, we intentionally cultivate mission opportunities and strategic partnerships in light of the following core values: Christian Identity, Connection to Eucharist, Mission and Effectiveness and Leadership, Transparency, Sustainability.

With these core values in mind, what a unique opportunity we are given to give generously to meet not only our local church budget, but to donate above and beyond our own local needs to address the needs of the poor, the oppressed, and those who have not heard the gospel.

Our current Abundance Partners

Iona House

Iona House will be a place to reimagine all of life in reference to Christ through retreats, symposiums, and experiential immersion into monastic rhythms that have spiritually formed Christians for two millennia. The vision of Iona House emerges directly from the context of 14 years of ministry in San Francisco and is designed as a regional extension of, and complement to, the ministry of Eucharist Church.

Once built, Iona House will offer a unique, immersive and formational experience to guests. It will function as a study center, a beautiful and tranquil place for contemplation, silence and solitude, a Great Tradition minded place for equipping Christians to engage in mission to post-Christian, secular culture, as well as a place of holistic healing, rest, and renewal. All of this will happen in the context of a regenerative agriculture farm, free of the intrusion of digital technology. Facilities will include a small group retreat center, hermitage cabins, and a residential program for those seeking an extended stay. Iona House, though denominationally unaffiliated and ecumenically hospitable, will be uncompromisingly orthodox, Biblical, and Christ-centered as a place for Christians, pastors & leaders, and all who are spiritually seeking.

Fr. Ryan & Elizabeth Jones are excited to cultivate a unique place of formation and hospitality to those from Eucharist Church as well as other Christians from across Northern California and beyond. This coming year will involve a significant amount of development, infrastructure, and visioning, not to mention a good deal of manual labor needed to begin developing the property purchased for the campus of Iona House just outside of Placerville, Ca (2 hours from SF). In addition to the development of Iona House, Fr. Ryan and Elizabeth will begin offering retreats, formational experiences, and workshops in 2022 via the Institute for Christoformity (the nonprofit organization they started that operates Iona House). Your partnership at every level of this venture – from helping make strategic connections, to prayer for this ministry, to generous financial investment, and even helping with manual labor – are eagerly welcomed! As they pioneer this new work, Fr. Ryan & Elizabeth are beyond thrilled to remain connected to Eucharist Church as a strategic missional partner. You can read more about the vision of Iona House here.


HOPE International


HOPE International trains, equips and supports volunteers to facilitate savings and loan groups in local churches. These groups not only help to break the cycle of material poverty by providing safe places to save and lump sums to invest in businesses, but they also care for women, men, and children holistically by connecting them with the church, providing prayer and time to study the scriptures, and equipping members with business training to grow their businesses. This last year, Eucharist supported over 1,600 savings group members and approximately 80 savings groups in Anglican communities through our Lent Abundance offering. HOPE Malawi and the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi are now collaborating to share the love of Jesus in word and deed with their Muslim neighbors by starting hundreds of new savings and loan groups. Each savings and loan group can be established and fully supported for approximately $370.  A Eucharist gift of $37,000 launches 100 new savings and lending groups in Southern Malawi.

Rise University Preparatory

Rise University Preparatory is an independent Christian middle/high school founded five years ago with a mission for 100% of its scholars to gain access to 4-year universities. Rise was founded out of a desire to speak into a world where our identities are distorted and students lack a sense of their being God’s handiwork, and lack a call to do good work (Eph. 2:10). Rise nurtures its students to think beyond themselves, to their neighbor and community, so as to become fully human in the way that God has intended.

Rise Prep is a demonstration of God’s shalom and re-imagined world where space is created for families of different communities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status to come together to unite in the common goal to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

Rise offers biblical studies classes, morning gathering prayer, and invites Christian volunteers to share their testimonies. Per student cost is approximately $17,500. Every student pays $2,100 so each gift of $15,400 provides scholarship support for one Rise student.

Elliott Haught, InterVarsity Campus Minister

“The gospel is at the absolute center of our ministry. We often tell new students that we are “a community gathered around Jesus.” Because of this, we seek to learn about Jesus in scripture, wrestle with the teaching of Jesus in discussion, worship Jesus through music and art, serve our campus community like Jesus, share the gospel of Jesus with others, and more. These are exciting conversations. In addition to the above practices of our community, we also aim to empower and equip students to see the difference that the gospel makes when it comes to all aspects of their daily lives.” – Elliott Haught, InterVarsity Campus Minister

In response to God’s love, grace, and truth: The Purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world.

Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.