Eucharist Church Prayer Partners

Prayer pictureThank you for your interest in supporting Eucharist Church from a distance through the ministry of prayer. We’re actively gathering people outside of our local congregation who feel called to stand with us in prayer. Here’s what we’re looking for:

1) We’re asking that people would pray for us at least weekly by name, as the Lord leads.

2) We’re challenging our intercessors to fast one meal a month and pray for us as a way of standing in solidarity with us. Alternatively there may be another way that God leads you to sacrifice. We’re open to that as well.

Our promise to our prayer supporters:

1) We will send you a monthly update of our activities and our prayer needs. The needs will be tangible and as clear as we can articulate them. We’ll trust that God will lead you to pray appropriately.

2) We will lift you up by name each month in our prayers. Please respond to the prayer team email and tell us how we can pray for you.

If you’re willing and able to join us, please sign up here:



Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.