Join Us for Prayer

Morning, Mid-Day, & Evening Prayer – The readings / liturgy follows the Book of Common Prayer (2019). An app for your phone is coming soon!

Praying with the Church

appostlesEver since the earliest days, Christians have gathered together to pray and worship at particular times of each day. Our congregational life is shaped by a similar pattern of daily prayer and worship. Whether it is as families, small groups, or as individuals, we seek to orient our everyday life around Christ by practicing daily times of prayer and worship.


Why We Pray in a Structured Format

First of all, we don’t only pray this way. Spontaneous, extemporaneous prayer is great! But if we’re serious about learning how to structure our lives in reference to God, this requires curtailing self-referential patterns of life. This is especially true in relationship to prayer.

96189846_a4f8016f79_oRather than centering our prayer life in our subjective, emotional dispositions, we practice nurturing a God-centered prayer life with the help of structured prayers. We do this trusting that God will bring our hearts into step with our mouths. Of course, this does not mean we don’t pray spontaneously throughout the day and extemporaneously in our times of prayer (we do both). It just assures us that our prayers cover a broader territory:

  • Praise and thanksgiving
  • Confession and repentance
  • Listening to and marinating in the Word of God (Psalms, both Old and New Testaments)
  • Intercession for leaders, the global church, those being persecuted, the sick, the lonely, and more

This form teaches us to pray Trinitarian prayers and gives us robust and sturdy language for our personal, heart-felt spontaneous prayers. It teaches us to give our time to God in worship rather than act as a consumer. Learning to pray this way takes a bit of training, but it is enormously fruitful over time.

We offer a special learning experience as part of our Catechumenate to help people step into the experience of structuring all of daily life in reference to God: The Benedict Immersion

Background on the Book of Common Prayer

Eucharist Church is a congregation in San Francisco connecting ancient forms of worship and classic Christian faith to the lives of 21st-century people.