Table Groups (1)

What are Table Groups?

Table Groups are an extension of the Lord’s Table into our own homes and communities. Table Groups offer a meaningful place of belonging where we meet together for a communal meal, a time of sharing and discussion, and Common Prayer. Table Groups are a place of formation, where we practice the rhythms of Christian community and hospitality together around a table of fellowship, and explore what it looks like to live all of life in reference to Christ in our homes and communities.

What happens at a group?

Most Table Groups meet weekly for a potluck style meal, meaningful discussion, and prayer. Our groups are open to visitors (rsvp is helpful for coordinating food though).

Where do the groups meet?

We currently have four weekly Table Groups which meet throughout the city and in the East Bay.  We are actively starting new groups across the city.  We hope to one day have Table Groups in every neighborhood in San Francisco and throughout the Bay so that every can be connected to others in their own geographic context.

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SoMa Group

Ryan & Elizabeth 2017 edited

The SoMa Group is lead by Fr. Ryan and Elizabeth. This group meet Thursdays at 7:00.

Pac Heights Group

Kyle Crop

The Pac Heights Group is lead by Fr. Kyle. This groups meets Tuesdays at 7:00.

Richmond/Sunset Group

Table Group

The Richmond Group is lead by Fr. Joshua and Alicia. This group meets in the Richmond District and serves those who are located on the west side of San Francisco.  This groups meets Thursdays at 7:00.

East Bay Group

East Bay Table Group

The East Bay group is lead by John and Ferial. This group meets in Emeryville and serves those who are located throughout the East Bay. This group meets on Wednesdays at 7:00.


How do I get connected? 

If you would like to get connected to a Table Group, contact Joshua ( and he will tell you about what groups are meeting and when/where. He can make an introduction to a group leader who will put you in the loop. You are welcome to come check things out before you commit to a group.

Monthly Gatherings

Monthly Gathering

In addition to weekly Table Groups we also have several ‘Monthly Gatherings’ which are table groups in formation. Monthly Gatherings meet monthly instead of weekly and and focus on forming communities in new geographic locations.  Currently we have monthly gatherings happening in the North-East Bay (Mare Island), Silicon Valley (Mountain View), and Half-Moon Bay. We also have a monthly family gathering for the families of Eucharist to get together and share a meal. If you do not live near a Table Group or Monthly Gathering, please contact Joshua (

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