Summer Focus 2019

Much of life is lived in “the shallow end” (surface-level, unfulfilling connections with God/people) when what we really want is depth and connection.

The Deep End is a collective attempt to address this deep human hunger for meaningful relationships. It is a multi-pronged approach. You could think of it as a “catechumenate for all” experience. Here’s what it looks like:

Reading togetherThe Relational Soul. This wonderful book explores at a practical level as well as a theological level what deep connection looks like.Image result for the relational soul

Weekly self-guided exploration exercises to go deeper on the topics with same-gendered dyads and triads (and/or spouses)

A weekly, midweek gathering at 1504 Bryant Street (2nd Floor): Food, fellowship, workshop activities related to our themes, and evening prayer every* Wednesday evening from May 15 through the end of July from 7-9pm. (*NO gathering on Wednesday, May 29)

Catechesis, Sundays, 9am – taking us deeper into the theology / practice of relationships

The four of these elements will all work together to shape a church-wide focus on taking us into deep, meaningful relationships with each other and with God. All of the elements are open to everyone to participate. But even if you can’t fully participate, you can still read the book and do the self-exploration exercises. We believe this has the capacity to be immensely powerful for our church. You are invited to jump into the deep end with us!

To get involved…

Come join us on Sunday mornings (9am) and Wednesday evenings 7-9pm. Please reach out to Father Ryan ( or Elizabeth ( if you would like more information.

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