The Cohort Experience

…a three-month communal journey of formation into Christ. Imagine it as a kind of “discipleship intensive”, a “bootcamp” for Christoformity.

We offer the Catechumenate 2-3 times a year. It is open to anyone interested in learning to live all of life in reference to Christ.

Current Focus:

In this cohort module, our focus will be cultivating a life lived in reference to Christ by way of the wisdom of the monastic tradition.

While the vast majority of Christians will not become monks or nuns, there is much we can learn from those who have committed themselves to such a way of life. We will learn from St. Benedict about listening, stability, obedience, prayer and more. We will learn from St. Columba about the missional / communal possibilities that emerge from a monastic way of life. Above all, we will experience some of the riches of the monastic tradition and explore ways what we learn and experience could be integrated into our everyday life.

Full Catechumenate Information – Introduction, background, Q&A (5 pages – printable)

Application: We ask each person who is interested to apply for the Catechumenate. This is more about you understanding what you’re getting yourself into than us trying to keep people out. It also helps us to establish who has first dibs if we have too many apply (ordered by date of application received).

Dates to be aware of: 

  • Sunday, December 1, 2019: After Church 15 minute Catechumenate Q & A Meeting 
  • Sunday, December 15, 2019: Application due for Catechumenate 
  • First weekly meeting of the cohort: Wednesday, January 29** (we may change days of the week depending on participants / leaders schedule) – 7-9:15pm each week following (except Ash Wednesday)

Friday, February 7 (1pm onward) – Saturday, February 8 (morning): Catechesis as Monasticism Colloquium

Components of the Catechumenate Experience: 

  • Reading: Seeking God, by Esther de Waal; Celtic Christian Communities, by Ian Bradley (a portion of this book)
  • Catechesis Colloquium – Friday afternoon / Saturday morning, Feb. 7-8
  • A visit to a monastery / hermitage
  • Weekly cohort gathering (meal, sharing, prayer)
  • Dyad/Triad relationships (for prayer, accountability, support)
  • Other Activities (a full engagement of the church life): 
    • Weekly Catechesis (9:00-9:45am Sundays)
    • Weekly Worship (10:00-11:30am Sundays)
    • Involvement in the congregation: serving, giving, etc.

Past Themes:




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